Damian Lewis as Paul in Friends And Crocodiles (2006)

Friends And Crocodiles (2006)

Written and Directed by Stephen Poliakoff.

Friends and Crocodiles is an intoxicating story following the shifting balance of power between a visionary and hedonistic boss, Paul Reynolds (Damian Lewis), and his secretary, Lizzie (Jodhi May). Paul is a host of fabulous parties, a "collector" of interesting people, a visionary with dreams of new urban landscapes, and is also the keeper of a pet crocodile. Lizzie is initially tasked with bringing some order to his creative chaos but as his star fades, her career begins to rise.
Against a backdrop of flamboyant parties, maverick business plans and the boom and bust of corporate Britain in the eighties and nineties, a magnetic relationship of success and failure, aspiration and antagonism is played out.

Damian Lewis gives an outstanding performance as the mysterious millionaire opposite a luminous and passionate Jodhi May and they are very well supported by Robert Lindsay, as the gossipy, Sneath. The ensemble cast also includes Patrick Malahide, Eddie Marsan, Harry Melling and Sophie Hunter. The film features some very striking photography by Barry Ackroyd and some bravura production design by James Merifield.

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