Cassie Stuart and Charles Dance in Hidden City (1987)

Hidden City (1987)

Written and Directed by Stephen Poliakoff.

Hidden City is Stephen Poliakoff’s directorial debut and explores some of his favourite themes, the city as an organism and the British obsession with secrecy. The film has many startling and unusual locations such as the tunnels under Tottenham Court Road, the tram-tunnel under Holborn, the Edmonton incinerator and bomb-damaged buildings around the Barbican just before they were knocked down in the late eighties. It features a commanding performance by Charles Dance in the lead role and strong support from Bill Paterson, Cassie Stuart and Richard E. Grant.
The film was made by Film Four and selected for the Venice Film Festival. It features fine photography from the Polish D.O.P. Witold Stok and gives a unique view of London.
Poliakoff’s fascination with archive and photography and the mysteries contained amongst long-forgotten fragments of wartime film features throughout, as the city opens like a dark flower to reveal its
secrets within. 

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