Stronger Than The Sun (1977)

Written by Stephen Poliakoff and Directed by Michael Apted

This was Poliakoff’s first original television film made in 1977. It tells the story of a young laboratory worker at a fictional version of Sellafield who becomes concerned about the dangers of nuclear energy and the reprocessing of plutonium and tries to draw the outside world’s attention to it. Her campaign escalates dangerously as she becomes more and more committed to it and reaches a dramatic climax when she decides to smuggle out a quantity of plutonium from the plant.
Shot on location in Yorkshire, this film predated the Hollywood productions Silkwood and The China Syndrome and caused considerable controversy when it was first shown in 1977.
Francesca Annis gives a remarkable performance in the lead and there is a fine supporting performance by the late Tom Bell as her lover.
It was directed by Michael Apted and features a score by Howard Blake.