Anna Friel, Joelly Richardson and Jeremy Northam in The Tribe (1998)

The Tribe (1998)

Written and Directed by Stephen Poliakoff.

The Tribe marks Poliakoff’s return to the screen after spending several years in the theatre. It follows the efforts of a thirty-something young property executive Jamie (Jeremy Northam) to evict members of a commune, which has the outward appearances of cult, from a property on the edge of London which his boss (Trevor Eve) is intending to buy. The commune is presided over by Joely Richardson and her young protégé in the story, played by Anna Friel, in her first leading role after leaving Brookside. The film is a celebration of the individual and an alternative way of living and shows the tribe seducing Jamie into their world. He is forced to choose between them and the corporate ladder that he is trying to climb. Ultimately, the group is destroyed by a betrayal from within. 
Among members of the tribe can be spotted Jonathan Rhys Meyers in one of his early screen appearances as Adam. The film’s locations range from Central London, to the dinosaurs at Crystal Palace, to the caves under Chislehurst and they all have a hallucinatory, dreamlike feel.
The marvellous score is by Adrian Johnston marked the beginning of his nearly twenty year association with Poliakoff.

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